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Welcome to Mikelonia, the premier provider of advanced test automation services. In today's fast-paced software development landscape, ensuring the quality and efficiency of your applications is crucial. At Mikelonia, we specialize in delivering comprehensive test automation solutions that empower businesses to accelerate their testing processes and deliver high-quality software with confidence. Our team of experienced professionals leverages industry-leading tools and frameworks to design and implement robust and scalable test automation frameworks tailored to your unique requirements. From functional and regression testing to performance and security testing, we cover all aspects of the software testing lifecycle. By automating repetitive test cases and scenarios, we enable faster releases, reduced time-to-market, and enhanced software reliability. Partnering with Mikelonia means gaining access to our wealth of expertise and innovative techniques, ensuring superior software quality and an exceptional user experience. Let Mikelonia be your trusted testing partner, revolutionizing your software development process with efficient and reliable test automation. Experience the power of Mikelonia and unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and confidence in your software delivery.



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At Mikelonia, we offer comprehensive test automation services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our range of services covers every aspect of test automation to streamline your testing process and maximize efficiency.

Monitoring Services


Implementation of Automated Testing Frameworks

We utilize industry-leading frameworks and tools, such as Jest, Selenium, and Cypress, to implement automated testing for API and UI components. These frameworks provide robust capabilities for efficient and reliable test automation.


Execution of Automated Tests and Test Reporting

We execute automated tests using the selected frameworks, accurately validating the functionality and performance of your APIs and user interfaces. Our team closely monitors the test execution, captures relevant metrics and data, and generates comprehensive test reports that provide insights into test coverage and any detected issues.


Integration with CI/CD Pipelines

We seamlessly integrate automated API and UI tests into your CI/CD pipelines, enabling continuous testing. By automating the testing process within your development workflow, we ensure that any changes to your APIs or user interfaces are thoroughly tested, promoting faster feedback and reducing the risk of regressions.


Creation of Test Suites and Test Cases

Our expert testers work closely with you to create comprehensive test suites and test cases specifically tailored for API and UI testing. We design and develop reusable test scripts that cover a wide range of scenarios, ensuring thorough test coverage.

Automated Testing Services

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