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Mikelonia specializes in providing cutting-edge Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) services. As the software development landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, efficient and streamlined delivery processes are essential to stay ahead. With our CI/CD solutions, we empower businesses to seamlessly integrate code changes, automate testing, and rapidly deploy applications to production environments. Our expert team leverages industry-leading tools and best practices to optimize software development workflows, ensuring faster time-to-market, improved code quality, and reduced operational risks. Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, enabling you to focus on innovation and growth while we take care of your CI/CD pipeline.



Mikelonia: Your CI/CD Partner. Simplify software development and deployment. Accelerate your workflows with efficient, scalable solutions.

Monitoring Services


Continuous Integration (CI)

We offer CI services to automate the process of integrating code changes from multiple developers into a shared repository. This ensures that code is regularly and automatically checked for conflicts and compatibility issues, leading to faster development cycles and improved collaboration.


Continuous Deployment (CD)

With our CD services, organizations can automate the deployment of software applications to various environments, such as development, testing, and production. This streamlines the release process, reduces manual errors, and enables faster and more reliable software delivery.


Automated Testing:

We provide automated testing services as part of the CI/CD pipeline. Through the use of tools and frameworks, they help organizations automate various types of testing, such as unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing. This ensures code quality and reduces the risk of bugs or issues in the deployed software.


Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

We assist businesses in implementing Infrastructure as Code practices, where infrastructure resources such as servers, networks, and databases are defined and provisioned through code. By automating infrastructure deployment and management, organizations can achieve consistency, scalability, and repeatability in their environments, enabling smoother CI/CD processes.

CI/CD Services

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